When Samantha Hampshire was getting ready to go to work this week she looked out of the window to see a fresh layer of snow and decided it wasn’t a good idea to drive to work.

Samantha, a housing support worker at Digby’s Court, a specialist supported housing service for homeless people and families in Braintree, made the sensible decision to walk instead. So, after wrapping up warm she walked to the scheme only to be greeted by a friendly face – the scheme’s first snow-woman!

Lots of the families at the scheme had been playing out in the snow in the communal garden and had created the new visitor with their children before returning to their nice warm flats!

It was a lovely sight which Samantha was really pleased to see:

Often customers come to this scheme at a really difficult point in their lives when having fun is very low down on their list of their priorities. But at times like this they can forget about their housing situation and just enjoy playing with their children in the snow.

The children at the scheme are now hoping for a white Christmas so they can make some friends for their first creation!

For more information about Digby’s Court, click here.