At this time of year we’re used to hearing about angels of the celestial type. But much less often do we get told of a real angel – but there’s one in Southend on Sea!

Tracie, below, works in the Southend Outreach service within Care and Support. This service supports around 5,000 customers each year with issues around housing, money, health management and links to the local community. Tracie’s excellent work has been recognised by many. Now that list includes a member of Peabody staff based in London…

Recently Sarah Cameron, Peabody’s General Counsel and Group Secretary, was talking to her 90-year-old mum. During the conversation her mum told Sarah about the help that her friends’ niece, Sandra, had recently received from Peabody: “She explained that her niece, who has a learning disability and lives semi-independently, had been visited by an ‘angel’. This angel was Tracie and she helped Sandra deal with a very difficult benefits issue that had been going on for months, causing all sorts of anxiety.”

Tracie has worked for the service for six years and is really passionate about the work she does:

“I love my job. I feel very passionate about what I do and making life easier for other people.”

“When I met Sandra,” Tracie continues “her 80-year-old parents were struggling to find out why Sandra’s benefits had been stopped. Her mum had spent the previous day on the phone to the DWP but had got nowhere. They now had to give Sandra £500 just to be able to pay her bills and this was money they really couldn’t spare.”

Tracie got straight on the phone to the DWP and stayed on the line until the issue was finally sorted out. She even managed to get them to agree to make an immediate payment into Sandra’s account to cover her missing money along with the backdated amount.This tenacity and determination is a reflection of Tracie’s general outlook. Barbara Horne, Operations Manager for the Southend service, agrees:

“Tracie really is an angel and nothing is too much trouble for the customers she supports. I’m so very pleased the support she provided has been recognised.”

And for Sarah, it was lovely to hear about the impact of a service provided by Peabody; “This really is a heart-warming tale and it’s great to have such unsolicited positive feedback about a member of Peabody staff. Everyone within the family was hugely relieved, and enormously grateful. Well done to all those Peabody angels out there.”

To find out more about the Southend service, click here.

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