Lives in supported housing for people with mental health issues in Bexhill.

When I was first referred here my relationship with my family was at breaking point. My mental health was deteriorating and I was becoming really isolated. Living in bed and breakfast accommodation was making the situation worse and I felt really vulnerable.

I moved in to Pathways in June 2015 and since then I have had a lot of support from the staff and every aspect of my life has improved. This is a supported housing scheme for people with mental health issues where you can stay here for up to two years and get lots of support with all aspects of living independently.

Now I am much better at managing my mental health, making positive decisions about my future and my relationship with my family is positive, supportive and loving.

The support has also helped me make decisions about what I want to do with my life, where I want to live and how to manage relationships with the people that are important to me. I am much better able to live independently now and ready to move on.

I feel so much more confident that I now help motivate the other residents and organise activities for everyone.

If I hadn’t moved in here I would have stayed in bed and breakfast and I’m sure my mental health would have got a lot worse. I certainly wouldn’t have any relationship with my family; they were at the end of their tether about how best to support me.

It’s been hard work, especially when the scheme was threatened with closure earlier this year, but it’s all been worth it. I helped lead the campaign to keep the scheme open, attended consultation meetings and wrote to all our local councillors to encourage them not to close it down.

Pathways has helped me discover my strengths, manage my mental health and feel positive about my future. That’s a great set of skills that I never thought I would achieve.