Chris was originally referred to Pathways as he had a mental health issue and was being evicted from his caravan on a local beach where he had been living.

Chris lived at Pathways for eight months and was supported around a range of things such as managing his health, budgeting, positive parenting and managing a tenancy along with managing his mental health.

During his time at Pathways, Chris reunited with his wife and they have since had another baby, a daughter called Lily-Rose Kate. They named their lovely new daughter after the manager of Pathways, Kate Poyser.

Understandably, Kate was really moved when they told her they had used her name:

When Chris told me the baby was called Lily-Rose Kate, I asked who the Kate is after and he said ‘you’. I was so shocked that I touched his life in such a positive way and still feel very privileged that I have the opportunities every day at work to make such a difference to people’s lives.

Although he has now moved on, Chris visits the scheme regularly to let the staff know how he’s getting on. He and his family are now living in a lovely housing association flat in Bexhill and has recently successfully passed his tenancy probation period, meaning he now has a permanent tenancy.

This just goes to show that having a mental health issue doesn’t mean that life stops, and Chris’ experience is a great example of how it is possible to achieve great things with the right support.