Last year, Pathways residents created some “Happy stones” to hide around Bexhill with the hope of brightening someone’s day. This mission has certainly been accomplished!

Residents of Pathways, a specialist supported housing scheme in Bexhill for people with mental health issues, originally set out to paint the stones to decorate their new book case. They decided instead to hide these stones when out on their walks, in the hope of cheering up local people.

As it became clear how much people liked the stones, a Facebook page was set up where people could share the stones they had found, and people were encouraged to re-hide the stones in another place to continue to spread the cheer.

The stones keep rolling

So far, the stones have turned up in Kings Cross, Germany and Italy but the response from one of the finders in Bexhill really encapsulates the thought behind the idea.

Julie Thomas posted a wonderful message on her Facebook page about her discovery;

“I wanted to let you know how important finding this stone was to me.

I live in Berkshire and was visiting my mum in Bexhill on Sea and walked to Hastings. We haven’t always had the closest of relationships and it was nice that we both wanted to spend some time together rather than needing to.

I was walking home with my head down contemplating my life when I saw the stone laying on the path. I picked it up and thought I would take it home to Berkshire to hide.

My life became too much and knowing I have mental health issues, I decided that I also needed help with addictions which makes my life unbearable at times. With a weight lifted off my shoulders and a clear head, I went home and stumbled across the stone again. I have decided to keep hold of the stone for a while as it’s now my comfort and hope.

I believe things happen for a reason so to the person who painted this stone, thank you, as you have helped me to regain a little bit of my soul.”

This is a wonderful reminder that goes to show how a small gesture can really make a big difference to someone you may never meet.

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