Pathways, a mental health supported housing scheme in Bexhill, recently held a really well attended Big Lunch BBQ in the garden of the scheme. It was a great chance for people to get to know each other and have a good time.

Residents’ families and friends were also invited to enjoy a range of delicious food prepared by the grill chef Ben. There were also ice lollies and a paddling pool on hand for the children to cool down during the hot weather.

Kate Poyser, the team manager at Pathways, really enjoyed the day:

This was a great event. As it was a Saturday, I brought my son in with me which was really nice as the residents at Pathways always ask about him.

We organised the event so we could invite our local community into Pathways and neighbours could get to know each other, breaking down barriers and the stigma of mental health.

It was really nice to see people coming together, talking and eating. The weather was glorious and the day was perfect!

One of the other guests who came along, Dawn, really enjoyed herself:

It’s lovely to watch the little children running around the garden together having fun in the sun; it was a great idea to have this event, we do not do enough together anymore.

Definitely a successful day!