After identifying a healthier diet and improving cooking skills as goals for their personal development plans, a group of 10 of our service users were able to take-part in a 5 week cooking course. The course was funded through a personalisation grant provided by Supporting People programme, and was organised by our staff in partnership with Southampton City college to help customers achieve their personal development goals.

As part of the course, participants were introduced to a variety of culinary skills and new ingredients through cooking a different dish each week. The course began with a simple pasta recipe and ended with a more complex goat’s cheese and tomato tart recipe. All 10 service users completed the course and were given a specially adapted cook book to take away with them so that they could continue developing their cooking skills at home. The course participants found it an enjoyable and motivating experience, and are looking forward to helping develop future courses.

For more information please contact Alex Marshall, Communications Officer, on 01273 766 002.