Staff and customers came together at two events to learn more and have fun.

Julius Adisi, senior support worker from the Marsh Hill Mental Health service in Hackney, started his celebration by giving a talk which was followed by a short video about Black History Month from a young person’s perspective. After this initial presentation customers and staff had the opportunity to ask questions and give comments before everyone was treated to a feast of various Caribbean dishes prepared by staff (above). There was lots to eat and drink and, to add to the spirit of the day, Reggae music was played in the background for everyone to enjoy.

The second celebration took place in Essex with customers from the Avalon, Gallimore House, Woolifers and Charles Harper House care services coming together to enjoy a feast of various African foods.

Along with the lovely meal, customers and staff had decorated the room with as many different flags from African countries as they could find. This was accompanied by a reading about black history from support worker Innocent Akaronye and some information from Esther Okoduwa, another member of staff, about sickle cell disease which is more common amongst people from an African or Caribbean family background. Customers and staff all dressed for the occasion, with Elizabeth Oye-Oladimeji making the manager a dress and Esther suppling her with a headdress. After this there was music and dancing to finish off the fun.

Everyone involved in both events had a great time, with Michelle Sibley, Avalon Team Manager, summing up the events; It was really nice to learn about a different culture and sample different type of food. Customers and staff all had a fantastic time!”