Family Mosaic is carrying out a customer satisfaction survey to see whether the care and support services we are providing are meeting your expectations. We would like to give customers and their representatives the opportunity to make improvement suggestions and tell us what they value about the service.

What do I need before completing the survey?

Each service has a unique code and we will only be able to consider surveys relating to a particular service. Please ask a member of staff for your service code.

Pictorial or Text?

There are text and pictorial versions of the survey to meet everyone’s needs – please complete the one that is most appropriate for you.

The text version of our survey is suitable for you if you are completing the survey yourself or supporting someone who does not need any extra help around their literacy to complete the survey.

The pictorial version of our survey is designed for people who may have a learning disability or literacy issues and who need a bit of extra help to complete the survey. There are images for each question to give customers confidence about the content of the questions when someone is helping them with the survey.

Complete Text Survey
Complete Pictorial Survey

Can I respond anonymously?

If you would like us to respond to your suggestions, you can enter your details in the survey. However, if you prefer to remain anonymous feel free to leave those fields blank. The survey will be analysed by an independent team to guarantee your anonymity.

When do I need to respond by?

Please respond by 30 September.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us feedback.