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It’s very important to us that we provide you with a great customer experience.

We encourage all our team members to demonstrate our values: ambitious, caring, collaborative, empowering and trusted. We also aim to communicate with you in a way that is human and kind.

If you’ve been impressed by a member of our team, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Recent Nominations

  • Angela West |

    I met Angie a few years ago at a drop in centre and I have seen her on many occasions. Angie has helped and supported me with phone calls, letters, and advice, but most of all my emotional state. I have many emotional problems in my life and I have always felt very safe and comfortable around Angie, no matter how I feel she has always made me feel at ease. I walk away feeling happy with myself. Angie supported me last week with something I could never have done on my own and I was very successful with something that has been a struggle for two years. I knew I could trust Angie with very personal things in my life. I would like to nominate her for a WOW Award as she is such a lovely lady and has helped me feel I can face much more than I thought I could. One days I feel I can't cope, it makes me feel I can, just knowing I can drop in to see her. I believe I can face things I have never been able to face my whole life, just by meeting someone I trust. My life is feeling better.Nominated […]

  • Simon Jones | Service Delivery Building Surveyor | Service Delivery

    Very happy with the works, a great job completed by Wates. Simon kept me informed at each step of the way and kept me very well updated and made sure all works relating to my EHO case were managed very well. Thank you.Nominated By: Danni Anderson-Petrovic […]

  • Samantha Leopold-Cox | Specialist Project Worker | C&S London & South

    I received this email from a staff member who works for LB Hackney's Resident Sustainment Team, one of our most important partners. It speaks for itself. Sam manages about 300 assessments a year! The RST refer high needs customers reported to them via LB Hackney Housing Managers. Sam is extremely skilled and flexible so she is able to assess customers needs in a reassuring way and offer several types of intervention to this team to co-produce a plan of support that works best for the customer. The positive feedback we have had from RST staff and manager has in great part been due to Sam's skills, her commitment to our customers as individuals and to successful partnership working. On behalf of our team, thanks Sam and very well done. Dear Alan, I work for the resident sustainment team at Hackney Council. My feedback is about Samantha Leopold-Cox who works as an assessor in the floating support team. I'm sure many service users have had really good experiences with Samantha, but as […]

  • Diane Browne | Care Support Worker Level 1 | C&S Essex

    You have been a very good keyworker to me and you have really worked hard and been so nice to me and very caring thank you very much for taking me to the hospital. I appreciate it with all the paperwork that you have done for me and cooking I have been very happy to have you. Thank you very much and I will always think the world of you and all the staff as you have been very good at supporting me and I appreciate you all a lot. Love Mandy XXNominated By: Mandy Golby […]

  • James Kirkham | Money Advisor | Finance (LC&C)

    I want to nomination James for outstanding help and consistency. James has been committed to helping resolve and ease my financial struggles.Nominated By: Samantha Ellis […]

  • Michelle King, Joanne Hall | Neighbourhood Manager | Senior Neighbourhood Manager | Resident Services - West | Resident Services East

    Following a serious incident in which a car had driven through one of our Essex Community Centres, Essex Neighbourhood Managers Joanne Hall and Michelle King were amongst some of the 1st responders, managing communications to a number of angry//upset/frightened residents & homeowners.Joanne and Michelle liaised on Peabody's behalf with all emergency services to decant the residents, liaised with contractors both internally and externally, members of the public and their families until well into the early hours of the Saturday morning.The two NM's have gone over and above their role to ensure everyone was kept safe and informed, well deserved WOW nomination to two long standing staff members who were 'just doing their job'..!Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Carmella Obinyan | Maternity Champions Manager | Subsidiaries - Old Oak & Charlton

    I have decided to nominate Carmellla Obinyan because her motivation, support, understanding and passion for the work she does has set an example on me and all the Maternity Champion team.Also the feedback that has been given by the residents in our community on how helpful she is been and how their life has changed since the day she introduced them to the sessions which run here, for new and expectant mothers in the community, it has been amazing and consistent.She is always ready to lend a helping hand no matter what and she is able to help bring a very positive atmosphere when she comes in at work.Carmella has always time to listen to everybody and give us good advice and because of that I believe she will be always recognised for her caring, loyal and loving genuine personality.Throughout a very short time she has been able to get most of us in the team into work, she has supported us all the way in many situations.She is always thinking of ways to give into the community and it […]

  • David Grimwade, Bradley Barnes | Desktop Support Analyst (Mobile) | Information and Technology | Information and Technology

    Really grateful to Bradley and David for such a swift response and resolution to our issue. Having found that the SIM in our department mobile no longer worked, I contacted Bradley to arrange a new SIM as we needed to send a text to a resident on behalf of the Neighbourhood Manager. Bradley responded to my email within 30 minutes and within the hour, had managed to set up a replacement SIM and arrange for David to deliver it to our office as he is frequently in Pembroke House. I was extremely pleased to find that David delivered this the next day. I am very grateful that Bradley and David managed to resolve the situation so quickly, I full expected to have to wait a number of days/ at least a week for a resolution and was therefore surprised at such an excellent next day service without a prime subscription! Keep up the good work!Nominated By: Luke Aldridg […]

  • Gary Leman, Andrew Shepherd, Paul Starkey, Sarha Wines  |

    I stay at Woolwich in Major Draper Road. During my morning run, these lovely gardeners stopped their noisy machine everytime I passed. Not just one person, they immediately signaled to the next person and they kept stopping in a sequence. I was so moved and asked them - it's just 2 seconds, so why did they stop as it spoils their rhythm? They told me its part of their culture in the company to ensure their clients have the least inconvenience due to them. They did not want to spoil my morning jog with their noisy machine. No one was watching them, there was no supervisor, it was just their way of work.You can see their picture at: By: Ramanathan Srinivasan […]

  • Lauren Lewis | Customer Care Line Repairs Officer | Customer Care Line

    Lauren dealt very professionally with my telephone inquiry concerning my repair issues. I found Lauren to be very patient, kind and extremely professional as she worked through all the issues, with respect to my concerns.I found Lauren to be a lovely lady, whilst demonstrating copious levels of empathy to me, a tenant, with respect to my gas repair concerns.Much obliged to Peabody Housing Association, for all your continued support and kindness to your tenants. I appreciate immensely this level of excellence and professionalism to your customers. Thank you.Nominated By: Michael Benjamin […]