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It’s very important to us that we provide you with a great customer experience.

We encourage all our team members to demonstrate our values: ambitious, caring, collaborative, empowering and trusted. We also aim to communicate with you in a way that is human and kind.

If you’ve been impressed by a member of our team, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Recent Nominations

  • Ramone Senior | Junior Incomes Administrator | Finance (LC&C)

    Ramone took over an existing role with established procedures. One of his main responsibilities is to generate, print and post all arrears notifications letters weekly for the legacy Family Mosaic Collections and Leaseholder Teams. He found a process that would ensure that all the correct and appropriate letters were generated and that none were missed. He liaised with and confirmed this would work with IT and implemented this change successfully. A great example of showing initiative and working collaboratively. Well done!Nominated By: Nicholas Butler […]

  • Simon Jones | Service Delivery Building Surveyor | Service Delivery

    Resolved a lot of issues with my property relating to contractors, Mears and Wates.Nominated By: Louise Hrela […]

  • Oliver Philpott | Building Manager | Mainstay - contractor

    Oliver is the dedicated Building Manager as part of the External Managing Agent for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Estate in Tower Hamlets. Since Oliver started his position he has been proactive in resolving issues and dedicated to not only Residents, but also Peabody.He understands the need for great customer service and always goes out of his way to personally ensure issues are fully resolved. He will take responsibility for everything on site, even staying well beyond working hours to facilitate access or works so residents do not have to wait for things to be fixed, i.e. staying until 10.30pm to ensure a contractor attended to clear a septic tank and also have locks fixed on entrance doors. His priority is always the residents on site irrespective of tenure and treats everyone with the greatest respect. He is approachable and always available to assist with things for residents and the Peabody staff, including resolving refuse collections and monitoring of site security. Residents […]

  • Lesley Golding |

    Ms Burrows advised when she called she was very frustrated, and unhappy with the responses she has previously experienced. She advised Lesley calmed her down, explained what had happened and resolved the issue.Nominated By: Ms Burrows […]

  • Paul Dixon | Incomes Officer | Finance (LC&C)

    I have nominated Mr Dixon for his constant professionalism, patience and caring attitude. Mr Dixon has always contacted me back whenever I have left a message. These are all rare qualities. Almost 2 years ago I went through redundancy which was a low point in my life and had an impact on me financially. Mr Dixon give me support through this stage by ensuring that I received the necessary information and referred me to the appropriate agencies. He always made himself available if I had problems with paying my rent - which I did some months. Without this valuable support I would not have been able to get back out to work. I am on track with my rent and in full time employment. Thank you!Nominated By: Karen Boot […]

  • Alison Humphries | Supported Housing Officer |

    Alison, I feel I must write to thank you for initiating action on points I raised. Arrived at Tidy's Lane the other day and was very pleasantly surprised to find the CH problems had been fixed and also the lighting issue raised in the past. The communal rooms have been transformed with the more powerful lighting, they have given the place a more inviting cheerful ambiance, great improvement. So many thanks for your assistance.Nominated By: Derek Bu […]

  • Simone Nelson | Housing Officer | C&S London

    I have nominated Simone Nelson for the WOW Award because she is empathetic with the resident's needs, she is trustworthy, hardworking reliable and conscientous in providing good customer experience and satisfaction and very good at empowering residents.Nominated By: Iniovo […]

  • Fatma Niyazi | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services

    A customer desperately needed some help in one of our reception offices today, and he could only speak Turkish. He sounded quite upset, and the lovely Fatma was more than willing to help by taking over the call as she can speak fluent Turkish. She helped him with his queries and even offered to call him back to schedule appointments for repairs. She made a huge difference to the resident's customer care experience and served the CCL proud. She is such a credit to the department, and has settled in so nicely since she first started working here.Nominated By: Chelsea H […]

  • Craig Huey | Floating Support Worker (Steps) | C&S South

    Thank you for always supporting your fellow members of staff when they need it! You go out of your way to help us and our clients and are a real team player! Thank you Craig :)Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Lorna Mills | Neigbourhood Services Officer | Resident Services

    I received this from the Cats Protection League, an organisation that a member of my team, Lorna Mills, has been working with. The message in the email demonstrates the dedication and commitment shown by Lorna to the organisations she works with, her commitment to promoting opportunities for our residents who are pet owners and how important the welfare of animals is to her. "I wanted to please pass on some positive feedback for Lorna Mills - she has been incredibly helpful and supportive of the work that we at Cats Protection are doing in the Thamesmead area to promote neutering and good welfare of owned and unowned cats to the benefit of the cats, the owners (your residents) and the community. She really recognised the value of our work to the people of the community, and goes above and beyond to make sure that we can provide our services to your residents, and let them know what help is available to them. She also helps us to communicate this within the Peabody organisation […]