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It’s very important to us that we provide you with a great customer experience.

We encourage all our team members to demonstrate our values: ambitious, caring, collaborative, empowering and trusted. We also aim to communicate with you in a way that is human and kind.

If you’ve been impressed by a member of our team, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Recent Nominations

  • Rahman Abdul | Outreach Support Worker | Care & Communities

    Rahman was asked to take on a new project working alongside our Local authorities homelessness Dept. This was to support and try and house Rough Sleepers in the Borough of Havering. This was a huge task as a lot of them were embedded in the Community after many years living rough. With patience and extremely hard work to date 23 rough sleepers have been housed and of those 21 have maintained their tenancies to date one has been moved onto alternative and just one failed tenancy. Rahman has worked tirelessly ensuring all Benefits are in place including Universal credit working closely with our local Job centre and Benefits Dept around HB and CT benefits. Furniture and starter packs from the Garage project have ben provided, they are all now registered with a GP and have bank accounts for their UC (Universal Credit) to be pain into. He has now started Health and Welbeing walks and cookery classes and is looking to start a basic IT course here at Holgate so they can improve on skills […]

  • Billy Paxton, Paul Locke | Environment Caretaker (Mob) | Environment Caretaker | Property Services | Estate Services

    Customer Hub received a call about the 2 caretakers of Prideaux Place, London W3 7AS. She wanted to say how helpful and caring they both are. Many people call to complain about things but she wanted to compliment both of them for how hardworking they both are and nothing is ever too much trouble. She said that they really care about the estate they work on and how good it looks over the past couple of months.Nominated By: Sue Sanford […]

  • Lisa Wilson | Small Works Administrator | C&S South

    I would like to nominate Lisa Wilson because since I started working with Peabody over a year ago, I feel Lisa is the heart of the office in Folkestone: a fountain of knowledge you can ask Lisa to support you with any task and this will be completed with the up most quality! Always caring in her approach to clients that come into the office and wants to help in anyway she can, I believe Lisa has been long standing within Peabody and I want her to be recognize for her fantastic work qualities. She is a real asset to the Peabody company.Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Haarith Balesaria | Repairs Coordinator | Property Services

    I would like to nominate Haarith for always being so helpful: he can be trusted to take on more in-depth/sensitive cases and will manage through to resolution. Today I called Haarith and asked if he could attend a resident's property this afternoon, which meant re-arranging his own schedule, after the situation was brought to the head of departments attention. Within 2 hours he had attended, inspected and raised necessary works. This is 1 of many great examples of his drive and commit to his work. He is an asset to our team :)Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Kamile Ofoeme | Leasehold Compliance Officer | Collections

    I started an e-mail communication with Kamile only last week. I had inherited a file from a colleague who had left the firm. I needed Certificate of Compliance to satisfy a restriction on an application to HM Land Registry. It was very unclear to me looking at our file what Peabody required from us in terms of documents and fees to allow you to provide the certificate. Kamile picked up on this very quickly and came back to me with accurate and concise information as to the present position and what was still required from us. On supplying the necessary information to Kamile, the Certificate and Receipt of Notices were forthcoming with in a matter of hours. Truly outstanding assistance and service which promptly relieved me of a big headache. Much appreciated. Excellent communication.Nominated By: Michael Davis […]

  • Ian Davies | Caretaker | Environmental Services

    Yes I would like to nominate my caretaker for buckwheat court Ian as I think he goes above and beyond in his work he goes the extra mile in helping everyone out and the buildings are always clean tidy and smelling fresh because he is always cleaning and making sure everything is ok in the bloke and around it and he is very helpful if you need any help he is always there to help anyone outNominated By: Karen Dabbs […]

  • Carl Sayonas | Customer Care Line Repairs Officer | Customer Care Line

    Gentlemen showed extremely professional attitude and effort to help to solve the problem.Nominated By: Jovan Pavasovic […]

  • Rebecca Jones, Trina Colclough | Outreach Support Worker | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex | C&S Essex

    The following nomination was submitted by one of our customers. "I wanted to just express my gratitude for the the visit from Trina and Rebecca today. For the moment I will not be needing support but I felt assured if I needed it I need only ask.I wanted to say thank you to those two ladies who spent some time talking to me yesterday. I have been through absolute hell with my benefits and health. Recently I've had some terrible issues with my GP regarding medications. I will be making some complaints about that but also the DWP...Trina has given me some information that should help me sort a few things out. I'm very happy that despite everything that's making my life very challenging...Trina and Rebecca treated me with the utmost respect and like I was a human being...I know you can't fix my issues regarding my medications etc but the fact your ladies listened to my problems even though they didn't have to was an enormous help. I've been an absolute wreck, and I did get tearful that […]

  • Kevin Johns | Team Manager | Property Services

    Kevin who is a caretaker team manager showed great courage and how much he cares when an incident occurred on the Hammersmith Estate. Kevin who lives nearby witnessed a fight between a group of young men on a Sunday afternoon.The fight escalated and it became clear a young boy of 14 had been stabbed. Kevin reacted quickly and calmly. He rushed over to help the boy. He applied pressure to the wound which had pierced the lung and along with another resident ensured the ambulance etc. was called. Kevin stayed with the young lad helping to stem the flow of blood and also offering reassurance. Kevin also provided a witness statement to the police who were able to catch the person responsible. This is a great example of Kevin going above and beyond in his job but also being kind and caring person day to day helping others when in need. well doneNominated By: James Glass […]

  • Ellis Clark | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services

    Ellis is always so cheerful and works so hard even when he is dealing with really difficult enquiries. He inspires everyone on a daily basis and I enjoy working with him so much. No matter what is going on in the office - he is always so happy, friendly and supportive.Nominated By: Anonymous […]