It’s very important to us that we provide you with a great customer experience.

We encourage all our team members to demonstrate our values: ambitious, caring, collaborative, empowering and trusted. We also aim to communicate with you in a way that is human and kind.

If you’ve been impressed by a member of our team, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Recent Nominations

  • Richard Jeckel | Recruitment Coordinator | Human Resources

    I would like to nominate Richard in dealing with an employee's right to work. Although this is not Richards role he went out of his way to enquire and confirm the employee had the right documents for them to continue to work. otherwise they would have been made unemployed. Had it not been for Richards's tenacity this member of staff would have been made unemployed. Richard's persistence also saved on cost of employing and agency member of staff to cover the role.Nominated By: Sunny Vadher

  • Olga Zola | Receptionist | Corporate Services

    I wanted to nominate Olga for going above any beyond her job role in caring for one of our elderly residents that presented herself at reception at Westminster Bridge Road Office. Olga call through to the CCL repairs as the resident had locked herself out of her property, after explaining that this would be a recharge back to the resident Olga persisted in getting this resolved for the resident as noticed her vulnerability. Olga spoke to me on the housing line, struggling to obtain the residents address we persisted and managed to find details. The resident knew that she had carers but couldn't remember the name or company who come to visit her. Details were transferred over to get carers out to her, when getting off the phone Olga said "I think I will get her some coffee and keep her here with us till they can confirm what time they are coming out". Being Human and Kind are our values and this shows how Olga has gone above any beyond in her job role, when it could have been so easy […]

  • Customer Hub Team | Customer Hub Team | Customer Services

    Dear Sir/Madam, Peabody Personnel, May I take this opportunity to say, thank you so much, for your Customer Services Personnel Ladies & Gentlemen, who have dealt very professionally with all my telephone inquiries concerning my repair issues. I find them to be very patient, polite and extremely professional as they work through all the issues with respect to my concerns.I find them to be really lovely Ladies, whilst demonstrating copious levels of empathy to me, a tenant, with respect to any repair concerns, that I may have.It is for all the aforementioned reasons that I am requesting a WOW award for all these extremely professional ladies who handled my repair calls, Their dedication to customer satisfaction is exemplary in my opinion, they are ladies of the highest excellence with respect to their dedication to professionalism and immense patience with respect to helping tenant repair issues. Much obliged to Peabody Housing Association, for all your continued support and […]

  • Simon Jones | Service Delivery Building Surveyor | Service Delivery

    Simon went above and beyond the call of duty when we had a flood in the block, he was very helpful for which I am grateful.Nominated By: Anonymous

  • Stephen E Burns | Communities Central

    I would like to put Steve Burns forward for a WoW award, because he is truly an outstanding representation of our Leadership Team. I had the privilege of working closely with him recently through Peabody Community Foundation initiative called 'Community Conversations'. The PCF team have been hosting localised conversations with residents with hopes of improving engagement. Our key aims from these conversation is to get feedback from residents about community services and establish a better understanding around improvements to the service we provide. Stephen Burns attended once such conversations with me at our Hugh Cubitt Estate, the plan was for him to drop in for an hour or so however the day didn't plan out the way we had predicted. On his arrival I had a queue of residents waiting to talk to me about everything but what we wanted to talk to them about. Most of their concerns were to do with repairs naturally, so Steve decided to stay for the whole day and offer his full support. […]

  • Clare Gooding | Personal Assistant to Director | Human Resources

    I've only recently started working with Clare and she is just such a fantastic person to work with. She is incredibly responsive to requests for support and so friendly and effective at the same time! She really has struck me as someone who represents Peabody in the best way. An example of this is how Clare has been supporting us to organise our department's away-day. She has done such an incredible job of getting things done, communicating effectively, all while juggling all of her other commitments.She's gone above and beyond liaising with external agencies to ensure we have the best possible day, despite facing many obstacles along the way! She really cares about delivering the greatest possible outcomes to the team. I'm really grateful to have such wonderful support in Clare and look forward to working with her more in the future.Nominated By: Lucy Worra

  • Edward O'Connor | Customer Relations Officer | Customer Services

    Dear Sir/Madam, Peabody Personnel,May I take this opportunity to say, A Big Thank You to Mr. Ted O'Connor who dealt very kindly and professionally with my inquiry concerning my request.I found Mr. O'Connor to be very patient, caring, and extremely professional as Mr. O'Connor worked through all the issues with respect to my concerns. I found Mr. O'Connor to be a most excellent gentleman, whilst demonstrating copious levels of empathy to me as a tenant, with respect to my concerns.It is for all the aforementioned reasons that I am requesting a WOW award for this extremely professional gentleman who handled my request. May I also take this opportunity to say that I found Mr. O'Connor's dedication to customer service satisfaction to be exemplary in my lowly opinion.I am immensely obliged to Peabody, a very kind and caring Landlord, for employing this level of staff personnel excellence, for your tenants. Thank you so much.Kind RegardsMichael BenjaminNominated By: […]

  • Tanisha Johnson, Molly Germaine-Chatwin | Recruitment Assistant | Human Resources Assistant | Human Resources | Corporate Services

    Both Tan and Molly demonstrated amazing collaboration in pulling together and delivering a service in an incredibly short period of time. A time sensitive project was initiated in which Molly and Tan worked closely together to recruit a number of candidates in the space of a week and a half. This involved ensuing that additional posts had been created on the system, offers and contracts sent out and the new starters set up. This was all done so that the business area could manage a number of time sensitive pieces of work that required immediate resourcing. Together they ensured successful delivery under tight deadlines with significant system and work constraints. Thank you.Nominated By: Becky Russ

  • Susan Dobre | Community Development Worker | Care & Communities

    Where to start, Susan has always shown me kindness from day one and has taken the time out to quickly check in with me and banter about weekly goals and my general wellbeing every now and then. Her smile is contagious and warming and I just feel that she genuinely cares to see if everything is A-Ok on this side of the reception desk. Nice to experience that at work sometimes. Its just natural and a part of her blooming personality. Kudos. She would never expect this in a million years, but I wanted this to be a small token of my appreciation for a dear colleague. Susan--Cheers and salute!Nominated By: Sheree Watt

  • Christian Gonzalez | Incomes Officer | Finance - Landlord, Care & Comm (LC&C)

    Christian, he has been the most understanding and caring person I had to deal with at Peabody. He has a very calm but still persuasive tone and his advise has help me organise myself in order to keep payments in order. I will definitely say that Christian has been my best Peabody adviser so far.Nominated By: Veibena Armada