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It’s very important to us that we provide you with a great customer experience.

We encourage all our team members to demonstrate our values: ambitious, caring, collaborative, empowering and trusted. We also aim to communicate with you in a way that is human and kind.

If you’ve been impressed by a member of our team, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Recent Nominations

  • Kathleen Brooker |

    Kat is very helpful - came to my home as I have problems leaving home. She helped with my PIP application. Thanks again KatNominated By: Paul G […]

  • Elizabeth Cooknell |

    She is the most amazing person I have ever met. She arranged my money, she got me a new mattress and a new carpet. She was always on time with a smile - what more can you say about a wonderful person?Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Elizabeth Cooknell |

    I phone Steps in Octobver 17 a month after my husband dided and was very concerned about financial circumstances and whether I could remain in my home. I was contacted my Liz very quickly and immediately she helped me at this difficult time. She made me aware of any benefits I might be entitled to and contacted them for me. She sorted out my council tax and she phoned my gas and electric provider and arranged an agreement with them that I can afford. I now have a new boiler. My financial circumstances man I can stay in my home because of Liz's efforts. My moth-eaten carpet is being replaced with a grant. At all times I felt that I could contact Liz and was made to feel more like a friend needing help than just a client.Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Kate Pamplin |

    Kate did all the steps for me, so caringly and so professionally.Nominated By: Ray B […]

  • Trudy Bettinelli, Jodi Wallace |

    I would have lost my home, had it not been for the invaluable advice and support I received from both Trudy and Jodi. I arrived at Centrepoint feeling hopeless and depressed but thanks to excellent service, support and advice, I am now in a much better position. I was being taken to court by my landlord and came here for support and advice. I was able to present my defence and the case against me was dropped. The support I got from Trudy and Jodi makes me realise that I am not alone and I know I can trust and rely on them 100%. They are continuing to support me in applying for extra help I may be entitled to, and in any other situation I need help with. Without their help I would have lost my case and my home. I can't thank them enough!Nominated By: Claire C […]

  • Elizabeth Cooknell |

    I want to nominate Liz for her care and support she gave me in my most difficult time. I would not be the same today, without all the effort that was put into my case - outstanding care.Nominated By: Marsha G […]

  • Elizabeth Cooknell |

    Liz has been very supportive and patient with me and thanks to her help I have been able to move from very unsuitable accommodation and to receive benefits, for which I did know I qualified. Consequently, my life has been greatly improved mentally and physically.Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Diane Browne |

    She helped me complete my self-assessment tax forms. I have been a resident of Pathways (sheltered accommodation)for 4 months and one of my issues is I avoid all official post. A tax bill arrived for the first time in 3 years - I opened it and got stressed and anxious immediately. Diane calmed me down by sitting and talking with me. She explained what she thought we should do, so a couple of days later we started on the paperwork. For the next 2 days for most of her shift, she sat with me, looking things up on the internet and walking me through the forms. She is a star.Nominated By: Scott H […]

  • Stephen Newell |

    He did a very efficient job on a corner wall.Nominated By: A […]

  • Lewis Mcrae |

    Lewis has been our caseworker for at least 10 months and has been a tremendous support and has worked hard in our support while we were going through out eviction process. Without him we would not have known which way to turn and we will be forever grateful to Lewis.Nominated By: William C […]