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It’s very important to us that we provide you with a great customer experience.

We encourage all our team members to demonstrate our values: ambitious, caring, collaborative, empowering and trusted. We also aim to communicate with you in a way that is human and kind.

If you’ve been impressed by a member of our team, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Recent Nominations

  • Glenn Adam | Clear the Way - Project Officer | Resident Services - South

    Glenn and two of his colleagues have recently been in our two flats to do the garden cleaning. The services provided were just perfect and beyond my expectations, I am impressed. From the bottom of my heart I believe Glenn Adam deserves a WOW Award. Thank you so much again for your hard work Glenn!Nominated By: Kubra Oca […]

  • Chanelle Gentry | Incomes Officer | Finance (LC&C)

    I would like to nominate Chanelle for excellent customer care, efficiency and always keeping in contact. I believe she is a credit to your team.Nominated By: Safia Laskar […]

  • Harold Clucas | | PCF Community Programmes

    I would like to nominate Harry for a WOW award to acknowledge his commitment to safeguarding a young woman and her unborn baby who are at risk of honour based violence. Harry has shown initiative and tenacity in bringing together and working with a range of multi-agency professionals in an attempt to create a robust multi-agency safeguarding plan. He has had to navigate the Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding systems and processes both internally and externally to ensure this young woman and her unborn child are appropriately safeguarded in a timely manner.Nominated By: Sherri Vincent […]

  • Joe Hutchins | Facilities Assistant | Facilities

    Joe has been really supportive of our team in ensuring that we have fans in our meeting rooms. This seems like a small gesture but Integration spends a lot of time in meetings, supporting the business in delivering projects and key outcomes. By supporting our team in ensuring we can be more comfortable in meetings, Joe is supporting more than just people having meetings. His care in ensuring we are comfortable has huge ripple effects and is appreciated in our team and beyond. Even though this is part of his job, his responsiveness and attentiveness has shown that he takes his duty of care and consideration for his colleagues to a whole new level. Thanks Joe!Nominated By: Roch Ottaway-schollij […]

  • Paul Brown | Asset Management Surveyor | CHAB Housing

    Paul was called out to a devastating leak caused by a burst water mains. The leak damaged 9 of our properties and was attended the night before by 40 fire-fighters who had to ship residents to safety using rubber boats.The incident was televised on the evening news.Paul attended and remained on site until 8pm working and reassuring residents. Paul is still working with the residents after 3 weeks reassuring them and supporting them through this difficult time.He has gone the extra mile on this job and is a credit to the specialist works teamWorthy of a wow awardNominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Clive Senkatuka | Trainer/Coach Peabody Direct | Resident Services

    I would like to nominate Clive Senkatuka for the time and effort that he has put into the training of Peabody Direct with the recent change of raising repairs to the new PGM Super Group. Clive has had to cascade training to Peabody Direct at short notice with this new process of raising repairs. He has taken ownership of all the subsequent issues that arose from this change and has made sure that the CSO's have been informed of these changes. He is constantly liaising with the new repairs group to find a solution to any problems that might arise, any change of normal process and correct any mistakes made thereby making the customers' journey much easier and keeping the Customers service officers informed and up to date. Well done Clive!Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Nichola Hassall | Revenue Officer - Former Tenant Arrears | Housing & Community Investment Finance

    This Nomination is LONG overdue. Nichola is quite honestly a pleasure to speak with on the phone. I think I speak on behalf of nearly everyone in Peabody Direct when I say this. No matter what the call or what patch it is Nicola will ALWAYS take the call and no call is ever an issue. She is helpful, friendly and polite at all times I cant stress this enough. She is Caring/ collaborative to staff and tenants. You can Trust her to do the job. She makes the customer journey so much better. Don't change !Nominated By: Linsi Honey […]

  • Joe Hutchins | Facilities Assistant | Facilities

    As a new Peabody colleague, Joe has already demonstrated so many values of our corporate culture. Throughout this uncomfortable saga of the heating and air con, Joe has been relentlessly trying to find us solutions to make working conditions more comfortable.He is also so welcome and has demonstrated how caring he is by being so pro-active. He will come to your desk and personally speak with you instead of send a generic reply. We all speak very highly of Joe and would like to thank him for being caring and collaborative.Nominated By: Samantha Roberts […]

  • William Petts-Dunbar, Glenn Adam | Neighbourhood Manager | Clear the Way - Project Officer |

    Clearing of the garden and doing a wonderful jobNominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Steven Knewell | Wates Contractor | Wates Contractor

    A tenant explained that Stephen has done a fantastic job, was very polite and helpful. She is really happy with the works!Nominated By: Peabody Tenant […]