It’s very important to us that we provide you with a great customer experience.

We encourage all our team members to demonstrate our values: ambitious, caring, collaborative, empowering and trusted. We also aim to communicate with you in a way that is human and kind.

If you’ve been impressed by a member of our team, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Recent Nominations

  • Kate Jones | Head of Community Services | Care & Communities

    I was pushed to breaking point today when under outstanding repair was postponed, no reason. My ceiling cell in an so for seven different men have come to my house and no repairs. Kate took me to come out, listen without judgement.Nominated By: Ngozi Meadley

  • Fiona Murray | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

    I received a really lovely call earlier from Vicky Edwards saying that Fiona Murray has saved her life, she has been so kind, calm and has got Vicky in a really good place after losing her mum 2 years ago. She was really tearful but said they were good tears as she really happy that Fiona visits on a weekly basis and she feels like she doesn't have to worry about bills' ect. She couldn't prise Fiona enough for what's she's done wanted to let her manager know.Nominated By: Jacqui Osborn

  • Angela West, Laura Mansfield | Outreach Support Worker | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex | C&S Essex

    I would like to nominate Angela West and Laura Mansfield for their fantastic help and support.They have always helped me sort out my financial issues and helped me constantly with communication. They have also been fantastic towards my girlfriend with assistance with communication and help her get a flat which she soon is to get even though she's from Hatfield, Herts.Once again I really thank these two lovely ladies for all their never ending support as I'd be lost without their support.Thanks again and I really hope they get the award as are fantastic, patient, hard working and great listeners.Nominated By: Jacqui Osborn

  • Sam Sullivan | Trailblazer Mentor | Care & Communities

    The family are living in Harlow, MR works full time, Mrs is a stay at home mum to three children aged eight, six and 1 year. The one year old boy is severely disabled and is receiving treatment.Sam was made aware of the family due to being served notice by the local authority, the family had rent arrears these were 1000 and were at immediate risk of eviction, alongside this there was also house hold debts at the property that had not been addressed. The amount of the debts were approximately 3000.Sam did advise the family that as much medical evidence as possible should be obtained and copied and pasted with the form. Disability living allowance was granted and they were awarded high care allowance, the family can only apply for mobility when young baby is three years old. On the next visit to the family Sam supported them to complete the medical questionnaire, Mrs had gathered all discharge papers in relation to young baby from his most recent admissions to hospital planned and […]

  • Grant Mcmanus | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

    LW was referred to Grant as a Notice of seeking possession order was issued due to the persistent antisocial behaviour coming from the property. Upon assessment it was obvious that LW was living in complete poverty and his property had no gas or electric, LW had confirmed he was only receiving 100 per week pension to live on and at the time of assessment had no money or means to access his bank account. Upon further information provided by EFDC as well as his neighbours, it was clear that LW was suffering financial abuse from a local gang of people who were using his property as a means to take drugs, sleep and generally use as their home. LW was clearly confused by everything and it was appearing during the assessment that he may have a form of dementia as his memory was very vague and information that was requested from LW was very patchy.Grant given support to request emergency gas and electric and to arrange a mental health assessment with LW. LW was assessed twice and then […]

  • Debbie Cooke | New Resident Officer | Resident Services

    Myself, Allison Smith and Karen Tidder would like to nominate Debbie Cooke for a WOW award. She is always extremely helpful when ringing through to her and provides us with the information we need to assist with cases. The rehousing team are a very busy department and we cannot always get through, but Debbie always answers the phone and has a really cheerful and positive attitude and will speak with residents without hesitation. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for Debbie and myself and the CCL are so grateful for what she does. Thanks Debbie!Nominated By: Nicola Sheldrick

  • Lyn Pidgeon | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

    Our daughter's, Tanya's needs were complex and after spending some time in the M.H.U. at Basildon Hospital, after a serious attempt at an overdose of her medication was advised on her release from the unit to contact the Peabody Trust for support. In company with us, her parents, Tanya visited the Trust's office in the M.H.U. and had a meeting with two co-workers (unfortunately we did not get their names). They immediately put us at ease and were both very positive towards Tanya's problems. Shortly after this visit Lyn contacted Tanya and from the start made an immediate positive and beneficial difference to Tanya's wellbeing. Over the next 7/8 months many visits were made to our home, where Tanya was then living, where Lyn led her through the many different process's including the very important change of location and being able to live nearer to us. This involved much work on our behalf in dealing with Basildon Council Housing Department. Once again Lyn was able to lead Tanya […]

  • Christmas Elves project | |

    Nick is the first of several colleagues I would like to nominate for a Wow this month. I would love to be able to nominate them all at the same time, as they recently assisted on the Christmas Elves project.Each December we run a toy appeal for families we have identified as needing additional help at Christmas. It's always a very popular project and attracts high numbers of Peabody Promise volunteers to wrap and deliver as Christmas Elves.This year we hit a few logistical blips, which would have developed into bigger problems if it wasn't for the help of these fantastic members of Peabody staff, who put aside some of their own busy schedules to ensure our nominated families received their hampers. From assisting with large-scale wrapping and deliveries, to helping with last-minute tasks on the days, ordering couriers and making space to store the hampers, the success of the project was very much down to their can-do attitudes, adaptability and enthusiasm.Christmas Elves this year […]

  • Rick Geraghty | IT trainer | Corporate Services

    Rick has been so helpful with CRM. After the initial training he offered to do additional training in the office and 2 follow up meetings to ensure the team have what they need. Great attention to detail and support. Thanks Rick!Nominated By: Natalie Cotts

  • Tobi Wilson | Specialist Case Officer |

    Tobi is always on hand to assist CCL with any escalated queries residents have, he always answers his phone and is happy to speak to residents in helping them get their issues dealt with. He is always friendly and helpful on the phone and Peabody are lucky to have him!Nominated By: Leanne Gray