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It’s very important to us that we provide you with a great customer experience.

We encourage all our team members to demonstrate our values: ambitious, caring, collaborative, empowering and trusted. We also aim to communicate with you in a way that is human and kind.

If you’ve been impressed by a member of our team, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Recent Nominations

  • Steven Knewell | Wates Contractor | Wates Contractor

    A tenant explained that Stephen has done a fantastic job, was very polite and helpful. She is really happy with the works!Nominated By: Peabody Tenant […]

  • Ihab Elhabak | Warden | Resident Services

    I am nominating Ihab Elhabak who has been ambitious for our residents and organisation, and collaborative across the organisation. On 3rd September, the Wardens Team were asked by the Building Services Team to assist with the removal of damaged asbestos between Shire Court and Maran Way, Thamesmead on 7th September. As part of the road would be closed and residents would be affected, they needed someone that can talk to the residents who might not be happy with the road closure.Ihab agreed to start at 6am instead of his normal start time of 10am, he was on site from 8am - 12.30pm calming down disgruntled residents and ensuring that health and safety rules were adhered to by residents who still wanted to use the closed road.Nominated By: Oladapo Alao-odeley […]

  • Laura Edmeades | Caseworker |

    "I wish to nominate Laura because I was impressed with her understanding, willingness and assistance to me personally."Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Danielle Free | Floating Support Worker |

    "Patient, helpful and understanding. A valuable member of the team."Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Craig Huey | Floating Support Worker (Steps) | C&S South

    "My mum and husband could not have managed without the great help and support of Craig. They both hate having to fill out any forms and Craig was absolutely brilliant and patient with them both. As my mum's daughter who couldn't always find the time to sort these things out, I personally can't thank Craig enough for his help."Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Jill Green | Customer Services Officer | Resident Services

    Jill always goes the extra mile when dealing with colleagues and residents, this was the case recently with a resident. The resident had a relative coming home from hospital who needed two large armchairs removed from the property in order to allow the hospital to install a hospital bed. As process for rubbish amnesty collection is up to 30 wkn days, Jill liaised with Michelle Waters and Dave Bellinger to ensure they were picked up, this was within 24 hrs of Jill taking on the case! Great collaboration and a fantastic outcome Jill , what would we do without you!Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Elizabeth Cooknell | Specialist Support Worker - LTC |

    "Liz Cooknell was indeed very forbearing with me and helpful in every way. She was prompt on times of coming to me, which was certainly an asset. I wish her well in everything and will be eternally grateful."Nominated By: Mrs S Jennery […]

  • Elizabeth Cooknell | Specialist Support Worker - LTC |

    "She was extremely helpful and friendly putting us completely at ease on the first and important meeting. She expained who and what steps to do and outlined the possible benefits we needed and could be entitled to. She also instigated and helped with filling in the various claim forms and gave us regular progress reports."Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Sandra Walker | Floating Support Worker (Steps) | C&S South

    "From the very first day I met Sandra I was impressed by her kindness and knowledge of how she could help me. I sincerely do not know how I would have coped without her support and the help she gave me. She is a very special lady. I had no idea how I could ever get the help I needed, which has resulted in my life obtaining a flat in a warden assisted place - being independent but safe - this means so much to an elderly lady. Thank you, Sandra."Nominated By: Joyce J. […]

  • Maureen Arthur | Financial Wellbeing Advisor |

    "I suffer from emotional wellbeing challenges, and Maureen has always gone the extra mile in helping us receive the benefits we need and are entitled to. This has changed my life and outlook on life. She has always gone out of her way to reassure me and at a recent PIP tribunal went with me as I couldn't go alone due to anxiety. Please give Maureen an award as I feel she truly deserves it!"Nominated By: Stephen E. […]