On the 7th of May 2015, customers from across the London Learning Disabilities services came together with local mosaic artist Tessa Hunkin to unveil four mosaics which have been hung at our Arcola Street Office.

Tessa is a local mosaic artist who worked as an architect before joining the Mosaic Workshop over twenty years ago. She is particularly interested in figurative work and has undertaken a wide variety of design commissions including the fabrication of several large scale mosaics at Westminster Cathedral.

The original idea for the group came from two of the customers who had attended one of her workshops previously and, in discussion with their support worker, thought that other customers from different services may enjoy coming together to create something personal to them.

The group ran weekly for three hours over a two month period. Customers originally thought it would be a good idea to do a mosaic panel based on their experiences of Family Mosaic, their daily lives and their road to full independence which Tessa supported. As the group progressed, it was suggested that more than one panel would be created each of which were designed in conjunction with the customers, Tessa and her volunteers from Lifeline who mentored customers through the workshops.

Customers that attended the Mosaic Project enjoyed it immensely and were pleased to have acquired a new artistic skill. Customer Peter Allum who had led the bid for funding for the project said:

It was great to meet new friends and I really liked being a part of deciding what they should be of, and then seeing it all come together as we all worked together to get the final result.

As friends and peers gathered for the unveiling and then saw the amazing creations, customers started discussing another group to run next year.

You can view more photographs from the launch event here.