Eating on a Budget - 2013We have produced a new recipe book full of tips about planning your meals, eating a balanced diet and managing your money along with a selection of easy to follow, tasty recipes.

A copy of  ‘Eating on a budget’ has been sent to every customer, along with the customer magazine, and supports our aim to help customers improve their Health, Wealth and Wellbeing.

Eating healthily is a great way to stay fit and well but often cooking from scratch can be daunting, especially if you have never followed a recipe before. That’s where ‘Eating on a budget’ can help. The book clearly explains what the different weighing and cooking terms means and the recipes are simple and easy to follow.

Each recipe also includes a key to show how much the ingredients will cost along with information on whether they can be frozen if there are any left overs. There’s even a section including some simple baking recipes that children can get involved in.

We hope our customers find the book useful and will start making some delicious meals using the recipes included.