Amateur dramatics brought the realities of dementia to life as Family Mosaic hosted a play about the effects the disease has on family life.

Scene from Dementia's Journey, a play hosted by Family MosaicArranged and performed by the Ekta Project, a charity which supports older people in East London, the story focuses on an Asian family who struggle to cope with the difficulties faced by the elders and their carers in the face of the disease.

The performance was introduced by a guest speaker from the Alzheimer’s Society, and was followed by a Q&A session with the audience and the actors many of whom had direct experiences of dementia which clearly shone through in their performances.

Floating Support’s Kate Jones was impressed with the performance.

I was really moved by it. It was superbly performed by the amateur cast and was moving, funny and thought provoking.  It really highlighted for me the day-to-day heartbreak and reality for families living with a loved one who has dementia.

Lorna Cruickshanks from the Geffyre museum who we often work with said:

I really enjoyed the play on Wednesday. I found it really moving, and could totally imagine myself in the situation, which made it so powerful.

You can see more pictures from the play here.