Last year I met up with my support worker, Bernie Forshaw, and he suggested that I might be interested in giving Princess Christian’s Farm a try.

We met up with my social worker who agreed to provide funds. Bernie supported me to visit and I liked what I saw and agreed to give it a try. It has improved my social life. I was getting fed up with life and the farm has made a pleasant change. The farm provides supported work for people with learning disabilities. It is managed by Hadlow College, an agricultural school on behalf of Kent County Council.

Every Thursday, I go to work on Princess Christian’s farm in Hildenborough near Tonbridge. I help to muck out the pigs, collect, clean and grade eggs and work with flowers in horticulture.

I also go on trips off the site, for example in the first week I went tractor driving. In the second I went to a lambing shed. Then I also played football for Sport Relief.

There is a common room where I can have lunch and read. There is also a kitchen, used sometimes for cooking. There are both barn and free range chickens kept. There is a small shop. There are also chickens, ducks and turkey kept in a pets’ section. One of the turkeys is called Bernard!

A minibus picks me up from my flat and drops me off at the end of the day. The minibus is run on behalf of Hadlow College. I would recommend outdoor work because it is good for your health and gives you fresh air!

Allan James Winstanley
Family Mosaic Customer from Tunbridge Wells