Two staff members from the Essex Outreach Support helped to promote their service recently at the Mayfest festival in Basildon.

The annual festival is organised by the Rotary Club of Basildon Concord and brings local charities and community groups within Basildon Council areas together to showcase their work to the local community.

Mayfest was held in Basildon town centre and despite the poor weather, over 50 different organisations had stalls and a great number of local people came along to enjoy the event.

Mayfest festival in Basildon






Denise Monk and Fiona Murray, both Outreach Support Officers from the Essex Outreach Service, had a stall to promote their service and raise awareness of the Peabody brand in the area. The service provides a range of visiting support to people around the Basildon area and can help with issues like financial hardship, health related problems and accessing or maintaining suitable accommodation.

Denise enjoyed the day despite the rain; “The weather wasn’t in our favour but that didn’t stop the local Mayor stopping to say hello and help spread the word about Peabody. We also saw lots of our previous customers who recognised us and came along to say thank you.”

L-R: Fiona Murray, MayorDavid Harrison and Denise Monk

There was also a lot of interest in the service; “We had a lot of people asking us about the services on offer and even took a referral for support from someone who was in urgent need of support.” said Fiona.

Jenny Walter, Outreach Support Manager, really sees the benefit of attending the event; “It’s great to be part of Mayfest each year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to feel part of the local community, catch up with people who we have supported who are now managing independently and meet new people who may need our help. It was also a chance for us to introduce people to the Peabody brand and get our name out there.”

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