A group of customers and staff came together in the Southampton care and support office to take part in an interesting debate all about the upcoming European Union referendum.

William Vine, from the pro-EU European Movement organisation, talked through the history of the European Union and some of the main points around the upcoming election followed by opening up the floor for questions from the group.

Phil, a customer from the Southampton Disabilities service, started by asking how welfare benefits would be affected if we left the EU. This then kicked off a lively debate about money and finances within the European Union and the possible differences between staying in and voting to leave.

The discussion covered a great deal of information including migration, health and business, and helped to clarify quite a lot of difference issues.

There were lots of questions asked and answered with some people sticking with their initial opinions and others changing their minds.

All in all it was a great opportunity to talk around a subject that many people admitted to being a bit confused about. Everyone had a chance to find out a bit more about the history of our involvement in the union and what might happen if we either choose to stay or leave in next week’s referendum.

A big thanks to Josie Torpey, Activities and Wellbeing Coordinator, and Sue Mitson, Team Manager, for organising the event.