Sharon Dodson, Family Mosaic’s recruitment officer in Essex, has been attending specialist job fairs around the county helping job seekers to see the benefit of working within the care and support sector.

The fairs, organised by Essex County Council and district councils, help to change people’s perception of working in the care sectors and help fill some of the 450 vacancies that employers advertise every month. The sessions have invited people to ‘Be the reason’ that adults needing care feel safe and supported.

Sharon has conducted 45 informal interviews so far. She said:

We have had a high calibre of people coming to see us. It has been really beneficial to meet people interested in going into care and support and explain what the job is actually about and help them with application forms or applying online.

The ‘Be the Reason’ campaign is aiming to change perceptions of care work. Posters and leaflets have images of male and female carers or all ages and different ethnicities with messages such as ‘be the reason someone goes out today’, or ‘be the reason someone has a hot meal today.’

Sharon said:

You normally associate care work with women in their 30s and with looking after old people. At Family Mosaic we support vulnerable families, young people coming out of foster care, people with brain injuries and people of all ages with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible. Be the Reason is fantastic because it shows young men and older women can be carers too and it makes people stop and look.

The last two job fairs are in Great Dunmow on Saturday 25 March and Clacton on Thursday 30 March. So far, more than 20 employers are waiting to meet potential recruits at these last two events so if you are interested in finding out more about working in care and support in Essex, have a look at: