A short film has been made featuring two Family Mosaic supported housing schemes, aimed at highlighting the importance of support for young people in the Essex area.

The film has been made by a film company in Colchester called Signals who produce films on behalf of a wide range of organisations along with offering educational services around film and media.

Customers from Bernard Brett House and New Hythe, both in Colchester, feature in the film and explain what supported housing has meant for them and how it has improved their situation immeasurably. Without these services hundreds of young people in Essex will find themselves with little or no support.

Young people whose family relationships break down or who find themselves with no-where to live can really struggle without support. This can then mean they have a lack of opportunities find work, access education or find somewhere to live in the private rented sector.

Sarah Thompson, Family Mosaic’s operations manager for young people, hopes the film will raise awareness of the importance of supported housing for young people:

We’re hoping this film will highlight the problems facing some young people in Essex. Without these kinds of services, young people won’t have the kind of support that will help them thrive and achieve, let alone learn those basic skills to help them manage independently.

You can tell from the young people involved the impact the support they have received has had on them and we want to share this with more people so they understand the difference services like this can make.

Thanks to everyone involved in making the film, especially the customers involved for taking part and Signals for putting the film together and highlighting such an important issue.