The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer and colleague nominations.

Lisa Windley and Trina Colclough both work for the Essex floating support service that provides one to one support in people’s own homes to help with problems around housing, health, money, work and training. Often customers can be in really difficult situations with no-one to help and nowhere to turn.

This is exactly what happened to Julie*. Julie had been the victim of a violent sexual assault and was being harassed by a local gang of drug dealers trying to take over her home. She had no help and was becoming increasingly isolated, scared to leave her home and with worsening mental health issues.

Julie was referred to the service and her first point of contact was Lisa. Lisa was able to help Julie to deal with the initial, practical concerns such as getting food in the house and re-instating her benefits. This was alongside providing a caring ear to Julie, talking through her worries and concerns and helping to build her confidence. Trina then became involved as Julie’s regular housing support worker and she continued to provide the support that Julie needed.

Julie has now been clean of drugs for two years, is waiting to be re-housed and is much more confident and happy. Her nomination demonstrates how far she has come since receiving the support from Family Mosaic:

I cannot thank Lisa and Trina enough; they have given me my life back and a shot at a positive and bright future.

The judges chose the top 10 entries in this category from the 12,984 nominations, whittling these down to the winning entry, with the award based purely on the nomination made by the customer.

Ken Youngman, Family Mosaic’s group finance director and senior WOW! champion, was at the ceremony to see the award:

This was a really big event with some seriously good competition. To win the judges award, out of thousands of possible winners is a massive credit to us. We actually had two shortlisted candidates in this category! Great work to both our housing colleagues and of course, to the award winners.

Congratulations again to Lisa and Trina, a fantastic achievement!

*Not her real name