Congratulations to Tim George, acting neighbourhood manager for Old Oak Housing who has been awarded a Gold Star in the February WOW awards.

The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer and colleague nominations.

Tim was nominated by his colleague Leslie Hall, a customer care incident manager, in recognition of his recent help supporting a 100 year old resident who needed some major work doing to their property.

The property needed a complete rewire and it was recommended that the resident moves out while this was undertaken. However, given their age, a move out seemed very disruptive to Leslie so he contacted Tim to ask for his advice and to see if he could pay a visit to the customer and assess the situation.

This meeting proved to be just the start of Tim’s excellent support; contacting the customer’s family, discussing the scope of the renovations, the varying options for the work, not to mention the collaboration across departments with Leslie, keeping him informed throughout the whole process.

After a lot of work the repair was completed successfully with the customer managing to remain in their home during the improvements. The family stayed nearby to help give access to the electricians, making the disruption to the tenant as minimal as possible – the customer’s nephew even sent the contractor an email thanking them for completing the works so smoothly and to such a high standard.

Tim has undertaken training as a mediator and life coach which obviously supports his work enormously; he is able to use these skills to deliver difficult messages in a way that helps rather than frustrates customers. Tim has also previously managed a floating support service for vulnerable customers and his versatile skills and knowledge are hugely beneficial.

Carla Martin, Tim’s manager, has nothing but the highest praise for his work:

Tim is very thorough in the work he does and his commitment to a resolution is outstanding. Regardless of whether a problem is related to Tim’s area of work or not, he will own that problem until a resolution is sought.

Leslie Hall is also incredibly impressed with the way Tim helped in a difficult situation:

Without Tim’s help I would have had a very difficult job getting the works even moving forward, let alone done. I really don’t know what I would have done without him on this matter. Tim is a credit to Family Mosaic and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him very much for all he has done for both myself in this matter and for the customer.

Well done Tim, a worthy winner!