Bindy_VinallBindy Vinall, a support worker from the Here to Help service in West Sussex, has won a gold star in our January WOW awards.

The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer and colleague nominations.

Bindy was nominated by her colleague Louise Bray in recognition of the amazing work that she does with her customers, especially those with issues around hoarding.

Here to Help offers a visiting support service to older people living in various sheltered housing schemes owned by other housing associations throughout West Sussex along with an outreach service to people in their own homes.

Bindy has worked in the Here to Help team since its inception in 2013 and during that time has built up a wealth of experience and expertise. All this came in handy recently during a very difficult case.

A referral came into the service centred on co-ordinating a deep clean for the customer’s bungalow. The customer was suffering with Hepatitis C, angina and cancer of the larynx. Bindy first visited the bungalow while the customer was in hospital and found a much more severe situation than she expected.

The floors and surfaces were covered with bodily fluids and the bungalow was in need of a much more thorough clean than first thought. Added to which Bindy discovered that the customer also had Clostridium C Difficile, a bacterial infection whose spores from bodily fluids can live on surfaces and therefore spread the infection for months.

This posed a range of problems for Bindy, the first of which being the customer’s discharge from hospital. Bindy had to really stand her ground with the discharge nurse as it was clear that the bungalow was inhabitable until a professional, specialised deep clean had been completed.

However, this kind of cleaning is expensive and the customer didn’t have the funds to pay for it. So Bindy fought tirelessly and eventually got agreement from the landlord to pay for the clean and re-charge the customer at a rate he could afford. She also realised that the customer really needed a higher level of support so eventually also managed to get her customer re-housed in an extra care scheme which could offer the support he needed.

This case really demonstrated Bindy’s dogged determination to do the absolute best for her customers. She regularly shows this kind of dedication and according to Louise Bray, the colleague who nominated her:

Bindy is a dedicated, experienced and very successful support worker. We are very lucky to have her as part of our team.

Another well-deserved Gold Star winner. Congratulations Bindy!