Congratulations to Jane*, support worker for our Home Improvement Agency service, who has been awarded a Gold Star in the May WOW awards.

The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer and colleague nominations.

Jane was nominated by her manager for her outstanding work to help three people live independently following being kept prisoner and forced into servitude for over 14 years.

About a year ago Jane received an email from the Serious Crime Squad asking for her help following the three people being relocated to the area. Having initially been discovered following a police raid, they had been placed into safety but the perpetrators had found them so they had been moved again into Jane’s area.

All three were tortured and suffered both physical and emotional trauma, financial abuse and were unable to read or write. This meant that Jane had to use all her knowledge and experience to help them with every aspect of living independently.

This included everything from basic practical issues such as clothing, furniture and means to cook (they had been cooking over a garden bonfire), to applying for benefits, registering with a GP, opening bank accounts and signing up to the Job Centre Plus – all the more difficult with no formal identification, previous addresses or CVs.

Not only did Jane help with these practical issues, she also helped them to access much needed counselling, supported them to make statements to police, will accompany them to the crown court case and act as their liaison during the trial.

Jane has been working with the group for over a year now and has helped them to settle into a local authority property, gain their trust and win their confidence.

Jane’s manager has nothing but the upmost respect for the work that Jane has done; “Jane is an outstanding member of staff who continually strives to provide the very best service for every client she deals with. I am so proud of her and the tireless work she does to not only provide support now but on-going to those who need it the most.

There are countless clients Jane has assisted that are more than just an average client and she deals with every one of them as professionally as the last, making sure they have a 110% service from her.”

Congratulations Jane, a well-deserved Gold Star!

*Names have been changed as the case has yet to come to court.