We have developed a new Greening Communities project to support our customers to ‘Green’ areas of communal gardens or underused green spaces in the local community. This will involve working with vulnerable adults that are supported through our services including our Home Improvement Agencies.

The new Greening Communities Project worker will work along side partner organisations and other internal services to support communities to realise their ideas in developing and improving open spaces.

These projects will start with customer consultations and work through to delivery and eventual completion. These will include clearing days, planting days and on to creating edible spaces as well as developing natural play, sensory gardens and relaxation areas so that people can have a place to meet up and form long lasting friendships well after the project worker has handed it over to the customers to run.

For more information on this or any other services that we deliver, please contact Alex Marshall, Communications Officer, on 01273 766 002.

If you would like to get involved with other Social Inclusion projects, please contact Ann-Maree Purnell, Social Inclusion Officer, on 07785 724 983