Residents of Arne Court in the Laindon, Essex, received a welcome visit from the local Haircuts 4 Homeless group.

Arne Court is a very short term supported housing scheme for people who are homeless. As you can imagine, the residents of the scheme are on very low incomes which means that a haircut is often a luxury that can be difficult to afford.

This is why the visit from Haircuts 4 Homeless was so popular, with 11 of the residents at the scheme coming along for a free trim.

Haircuts 4 HomelessHaircuts 4 Homeless is a community group made up of skilled hairdressers who give a few hours each month to offer haircuts for homeless people. Not only does this save them a lot of money, it can also increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Samantha Hampshire, Team Manager for the service, explained the reason why the visit was so important for her scheme; “Our residents have a lot going on in their lives and are living on extremely small budgets so things that other people take for granted can be out of reach for them.

Something as simple as getting a haircut falls in to this category so for many people living here it’s just unaffordable. Having Haircuts 4 Homeless come has made such a difference, not only saving them money but also the significant impact on their self-esteem – who doesn’t like a bit of pampering? We’re already looking forward to their next visit.”

The visit went down really well with one resident, Rachel, commenting; “They were really good and really friendly, they made us feel welcome. I’m pleased with my hair – they actually listened to what I wanted”

Another resident, Christina, hadn’t been able to get her hair done for a while; “It was nice. It felt good to have a proper haircut again as its been ages since I had it done”

Arne Court Haircuts 4 HomelessFollowing the visit Joanne, another resident of the scheme, was offered the opportunity to join the Haircuts 4 Homeless team in order to help her complete her hairdressing training. This is great news for Joanne and will also help her with her future path to employment.

The group has arranged to come to Arne Court ever six weeks to continue their fantastic work and are able to offer their services to any other Peabody customers in the area.

To find out more about the scheme, take a look at the Haircuts 4 Homeless website here.