Jamie Hedges at our Rowan House office in Colchester Essex

Our finance apprentice Jamie is moving on to better, and faster, things in his new job.

Last year we brought you an interview with Jamie Hedges, a contracts and accounts apprentice based in our Rowan House office, in which he told of his amazing journey following a motorcycle accident when he was 16.

Jamie suffered a severe brain injury and despite being told he may never walk or talk again. He defied the medical prognosis and over time managed to not only regain the use of his legs and his speech but he also went back to college.

In order to further improve his independence, he lived in a Family Mosaic supported housing schemes for people with acquired brain injuries before moving on into his own independent flat. It was during his time in one of these schemes that he was told about the apprentice scheme we ran so he applied and got the job!

The time has come for Jamie to move on as the placement is only for one to two years. However, during his time with us, Jamie has successfully completed his Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Level 2 and another Level 2 NVQ qualification in Business Administration.

These qualifications, along with Jamie’s great personality and willingness to work hard have helped him achieve his dream job! On 4 September he starts as a Finance Systems Analyst at Jardine Motor Group in Essex.

Jardine Motor Group are a high end sports car franchise and it’s right up Jamie’s street – he’ll be zipping around in a Ferrari before you know it; “This role has been an outstanding starting point for my career; I got to work with some great people and learn from some really intelligent people. I’ve enjoyed having something to get out of bed for, and the coffee, of course.

The skills and knowledge I’ve gained here have really helped me get my new job and I’m looking forward to driving a Ferrari, obviously. I’m also looking forward to achieving the rest of my AAT qualifications, getting a foot in the door and starting the rest of my career.”

Hi manager, Elf Appleby, has also been really impressed with Jamie’s progress; “Jamie is my first apprentice and has been a joy to work with. His work ethic is second to none and he dresses so smartly he puts the rest of us to shame! He’s worked incredibly hard to get this far and I’m so thrilled that he’s moving on to bigger and better things, although I’m really going to miss him. Well done, Jamie!”

Jamie leaves big shoes to fill but his replacement apprentice has been appointed and is due to start soon.

We wish Jamie all the best with his new job and the rest of his career.