Lives at a learning disability scheme in Southampton.

I was able to move in here after being evicted from my last home. I found it difficult to live on my own and my last home didn’t have any extra support.

It’s a brand new scheme and I live in my own studio flat. I can live here for as long as I want and I get support to make sure I am managing.

I really like living here. I’ve made lots of friends and have the chance to learn new things like cooking, playing bingo and painting.

Kim’s support worker Lisa Johnstone explains a bit more about the support that Kim gets:

All the customers here have complex needs along with mental health issues and haven’t been able to live in the community without support.

If Kim hadn’t moved in to the scheme the likelihood is she would have had to go into residential care or a hostel. Neither would be an ideal situation, her mental health would have declined and she wouldn’t have reached the level of independence she has now.

Kim is really settled now despite there being many changes to her situation recently. She is really starting to thrive and discover her potential.

Case history

Kim moved in to a new scheme in June 2016 following an eviction from her previous supported housing scheme. She was faced with homelessness and due to her needs was unable to live independently. Kim was successfully assessed as suitable for our scheme and successfully moved into a bedsit accommodation with her own Assured Shorthold Tenancy. She receives housing support to manage her tenancy and has potential to remain here for life.

How have we made a difference?

Kim now has secure accommodation and is no longer facing the prospect of being homeless. She feels much more settled even though there have been many changes to her situation she has gradually settled into support. Kim has maintain her independence and is improving her daily living skills.

What would have happened if we hadn’t supported Kim?

Kim may have had to enter into Residential Care meaning she may not have had the level of independence that she has now. Kim’s placement may have been much more expensive in another setting. Kim may have had to go into a hostel that would mean sharing an environment that may have put her at risk and lead to a decline in her mental health.

What does supported housing mean to Kim?

Supported housing means that Kim can lead the independent life that she is able to, with the reassurance of knowing that staffare there to support her as required.