The Knit and Natter support group was set up in conjunction with the Family Mosaic floating support drop-in for people receiving support in the Laindon area of Essex.

The group takes place every week at the King Edward Community Centre and offers people somewhere to practice arts and crafts while having a cup of tea and a chat. It’s a fun session that provides a safe and friendly place for socially isolated people to meet up each week.

A wide variety of people come along to every session and the group are currently knitting and crocheting baby hats and blankets to donate to the local neo-natal unit.

One of the customers who regularly attends is Tracey:

I have discovered this great group having just been appointed a Family Mosaic support worker. Two hours of friendly and patient knitting both turned around my knitting errors very swiftly inspired me to step out from my isolation at home.

Tracey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had become increasingly isolated socially and at work. This then resulted in her developing severe anxiety when travelling and socialising as well as making work even more difficult.

Tracey now receives support from Family Mosaic and hopes that this will build her confidence and develop better coping skills:

I will one day be able to return to the workforce and be able to offer my skills again in some way and live independently.

In the future, the group plans to have a ‘yarn bombed’ Christmas tree in the hall during the festive season for events at the centre and are even planning to do the same to the whole of the outside area for next year’s Summer Sizzler event!

For more information about the group or our services in the Essex area, please contact Carol Taylor on 01268 499 189.