Paul Corcoran, our new Employment Liaison Officer, will be working with staff  to support their customers to get into work, training or volunteering.

Paul will be providing tailored employment guidance and advice training for staff who can then pass this information on to the customers that they support.

The training engages support workers with the challenges and barriers that our customers often face when trying to move into employment, and gives them practical methods to help customers into work such as a CV Creation Toolkit, which matches the skills and experience of customers to the area of work they wish to target. It is a step-by-step guide with templates aimed not only at producing a quality CV document, but helping customers realise their potential.

There are plans to roll out the training to all our staff in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent and hopefully this will mean that our customers get all the help they need to improve their confidence and get involved in work, training or volunteering.

For more information, please contact Alex Marshall, Communications Officer, on 01273 766 002.