We have a large and diverse range of services across London, supporting a wide range of customers.

Along with sheltered housing schemes and care homes for people with care needs and mental health issues, we also have several specialist visiting support services including those for young people, young families, people with mental health issues, learning disabilities and people with a range of complex needs.

In addition, our specialist supported housing schemes offer support along with a place to live for young people, those with mental health issues, learning disabilities, people with a history of alcohol or substance misuse and rough sleepers.

Supported Housing

Safe homes with on-site specialist support and advice for people with different needs and aspirations.

Sheltered Housing

Specialist accommodation for older people often with additional specialist support when you need it.

Visiting Support

Supporting people with disabilitis and people with different needs and aspirations to live in their own homes.

Care Homes

Specialist accommodation with on-site nursing care.