Our services in Sussex are split between East and West Sussex.

In the east of the county we have a range of services including a large home care service, a visiting support service for older people and those with a disability and a Home Improvement Agency that can help you to adapt your home to make it easier and safer to live in.

In West Sussex we provide an extra care service throughout a variety of older people’s schemes along with another visiting support service for older people. We also have a resettlement service for people with more complex needs and those with a history of homelessness.

Supported Housing

Safe homes with on-site specialist support and advice for people with different needs and aspirations.

Visiting Support

Supporting people with disabilitis and people with different needs and aspirations to live in their own homes.

Extra Care

Homes with on-site care services for people with specific needs.

Home Improvement Agencies

Help with getting aids and adaptations made to your home so you can remain independent.