Customers from Pathways, a specialist mental health supported housing scheme in Bexhill, have worked with staff to create their very own cook book.

When customers and staff worked together on a cooking project to develop skills in cooking and budgeting they decided it would be great to put their recipes together. This way they could keep a record of them and also help people other people learn how to cook simple, low-budget meals.

The residents came up with ideas about recipes which would need only a few and easy-to-obtain ingredients so that people on a limited budget could have access to tasty and easy-to-prepare healthy recipes. Everyone had great fun cooking and testing all the recipes to decide which were the best ones to include (you can try a recipe below).

Kate Poyser, Scheme Manager has really seen the benefits that good food can have on customers. She said:

“Cooking and eating together is a great way to socialise, stay healthy and help manage mental health.”

To help get the book produced, the group were awarded a community grant from the Peabody Community Development Fund.

A big well-done and thank you to all customers and staff who helped with putting the book together. The cookbooks are now available free from most of our larger offices in Sussex, Kent and Essex. If you would like a copy of the cookbook, please email us and we can send you a copy.

A King’s feast: Peanut butter and banana toasties

(serves 2 people)
A classic combination and a favourite of ‘The King’ Elvis Presley.

4 slices of bread
2 bananas
Enough peanut butter for two sandwiches

Toast the bread to your liking and spread the peanut butter on two of the slices.

Top with the sliced banana and second piece of toast and enjoy with a glass of milk or a cuppa!

If you have a sandwich toaster then you can make this as a sandwich and then toas