Over the past three years, we have been training customers to use their valuable life experiences to support and mentor others who may be facing similar challenges. In 2016, Jamie McGarry completed the training and has recently started working in one of our schemes in South London.

Jamie explains a bit more about himself and what brought him to be involved with the peer to peer training:

The training was suggested to me by the Family Mosaic team leader when I was a customer of Family Mosaic. I then got put forward for a course which was run by Chris Barker and two peer workers. The course lasted 12 weeks and it was really good because we learned important skills such as professional boundaries, effective language skills and practical things such as wellbeing plans. The people on the course were great and I believe everyone had a good experience.

Peer support is important for so many different reasons, a peer worker is an expert through experience and can offer the person they are working with something unique.

Peer work is recovery focused and is different from more traditional types of support work; peer workers tend not to focus so much on things like medication and symptoms but on the individual person and their life.

Providing our customers this kind of additional service, especially around their mental health, offers a range of invaluable support. It also demonstrates the importance of lived experiences and a chance to see recovery in action.

For more information about our peer to peer initiative, please contact Chris Barker.