Pat in mid air

Pat in mid air

One of our residents from Midhurst recently raised £350 for the mental health charity MIND.

Pat Dane, a resident from one of our sheltered housing schemes, has overcome personal mental health issues and wanted to help raise some money to support other people who may be experiencing similar problems.

On the day of the jump Pat was nervous and apprehensive and had to wait until the evening to jump as they had to wait for the perfect weather conditions to jump. Eventually they set off and, despite being the last one on the plane, she ended up as the first one to jump!

When the plane reached 12,000 feet, Pat heard a voice saying; “Time to go!” and she set off with her jumping partner Del.

“The air hits you so quickly we were able to freefall for a while, going around in circles until Dell pulled the rip cord” said Pat. “And then I bounced back up and floated down to the ground before landing on my knees. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had!”

Congratulations to Pat for raising all that money and doing something fantastic!