Brian lives in Hastings and has been receiving support from STEPS since June 2016.

STEPS is a free, short term service for people who need help to manage their homes or support to address long term physical health conditions.

Brian is 66 and has been a drug user for most of his life. He had been getting a range of support from the substance misuse service and Fulfilling Lives but needed a lower level of ongoing support to help him manage his home and health.

He had been threatened with eviction by his landlord due to noise complaints from neighbours and there were concerns about the condition of his flat, his ability to take care of himself and manage his money. It was important that he accepted the support offered, otherwise he was in danger of being made homeless.

Since receiving support from STEPS, his support worker Corrinne has helped with a range of things:

I have fundraised for Brian to get his flat re-carpeted and helped him remove a lot of unnecessary property from the flat meaning that it’s a safer place to be with fewer fire and trip hazards.

He’s much happier and more comfortable at home now. He no longer lets other people into his flat and is much more aware of how to keep himself safe when he does go out.

Brian is also up to date with his bills and has even managed to stay clean of all substances for over three months.

Brian was initially sceptical of accepting support but found that the support he received had restored his trust in organisations like Family Mosaic:

Reality can be quite hard and without support I would still be struggling with drugs and could have been on the street. I needed some support and structure in my life to keep things steady after the problems I was having.

You deceive yourself into thinking that drugs are the only thing that can make you function but it’s not true. There are people that can help you get back on your feet but also stay on your feet without drugs.

STEPS have provided me with a step by step guide to recovery so I can get to where I should be as a person; having a fulfilling life.

Brian hopes to continue his recovery and is keen to give something back to help other people. He’s a keen musician and currently helps out at the East Sussex Recovery Alliance (ESRA), supporting other people going through the same kind of issues by talking, playing music and helping out.

For more information about STEPS in East Sussex please click here.