The Warrior Square Warriors in Action

The Warrior Square Warriors in Action

The Dragon Boat race is an annual charity event where teams from across the country compete over a weekend at Bewl Water reservoir near Tunbridge Wells. The boats are decked out as canoes from Hawaii as it’s based on the 1960’s television detective series Hawaii Five – 0.

A team of brave staff from the STEPS service in St Leonards entered the competition and named their boat the Warrior Square Warriors, hoping to raise money for St Michaels Hospice in Hastings.

This year there were 47 teams each team racing three times over a distance of 250 metres, the team with the overall fastest time being the winner. The winning team were the Wadhurst Warriors with a time of 54 seconds. The Warrior Square Warriors managed a fastest time of 1 minute 24 seconds, not up with the leaders but not last either.

John Prenergast, STEPS Manager, described the event; “The weather was wet and windy, but given the amount of water that was thrown up by the paddles it didn’t really matter as we were all going to get soaked anyway. We did start to take on water at one stage when we all leaned over to one side of the boat, but that was all part of the fun.”

Despite not winning, we did manage to raise in excess of £1,200 for our local charity, St. Michaels Hospice in Hastings, so a big thank you to Graham Hodgson who acts as the unofficial events organiser for STEPS.