A group of customers from five different young people’s schemes in Essex recently went on a trip to the Stubbers activity centre in Upminster. This was funded by Family Mosaic and organised by Samantha Hampshire from the Bramble Court scheme.

By Alfie Wood

We arrived at the activity centre and were escorted to the meeting point in hut number one. We were then divided into groups of six and told what we would be doing during the day and how long we would get on each activity.

The activities that were allocated were: jet skiing, 4 by 4 driving, rifle shooting and abseiling. Most of these activities have never been experienced by most of the customers from the scheme before. We were told we would get an hour and a half for each activity and given a 15 minute break in between each one.

Personally I think the day was a great success and I really enjoyed myself. I got to experience new things and meet new people. I also got to face my fears which I was proud of.

I personally found the 4 by 4 driving the best as it is something I always wanted to do and I enjoyed my self-doing it. I would like to do this activity again as it really was a day to remember.

I would just like to say on behalf of Anne Knight House and myself, thank you very much to Samantha Hampshire and Family Mosaic for the funding.