Our new support worker training has been running for a few months and Anna, one of the participants, explains how she found out about the programme and how it’s going so far. 

Anna is a new recruit to Peabody, having come from a completely different sector before joining the Support Worker Training Programme apprenticeship.

“Before I joined the programme I was working in media production as a video and podcast editor for an arts organisation along with running film production for their bi-annual festival. I had previously completed a Masters in documentary making so my background is completely different from my work at Peabody.

Whilst I loved my work as I got to meet a lot of people and hear their stories, once I moved to video editing I started to feel that the work I was doing had no real impact or purpose in society and I wanted to find something that did.

I was drawn to social care and support work as you get to work directly with people and help them develop. However, I realised that I had a lot to learn if I wanted to explore a career in this sector so after searching for social care apprenticeships through the Gov.uk website, I found that Peabody had a few different options available. Knowing that I would have the support of a programme like this gave me the confidence to make the change and apply.

Apprentice Anna

Whilst I was really nervous about making this change, the programme is going really well so far. Alongside the actual course I have been working directly with customers in two specialist supported housing schemes in London for people experiencing mental ill-health.

The biggest surprise was the fact that there is a group of us all doing the apprenticeship together. We all work in different services and schemes but get together every month for training. This has been one of the most valuable aspects for me as I’ve been able to soak up all the experiences of the other support workers and this has helped me not to feel too overwhelmed by my career change.

My main aim long term is to learn more about the way that mental illness can impact on peoples’ lives, the different factors that have led them to supported housing and how I can help to support them through the different stages of their recovery journey – I have a lot to learn!

Whilst I was really scared about changing careers I would say that this shouldn’t stop anyone from making a change. I also thought I would be wasting the skills I had learned in my previous career but I have come to realise that all skills are transferable and it can give you such a boost to realise you can carry these forward with you and use them throughout your life.

Doing an apprenticeship gives you so much time and support to learn and develop which is a real positive for people coming in from a different sector. And I am always happy to chat over a coffee if anyone wants to know more.”

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