Cheryl Whitnell is a member of the Braintree Visiting Support team and she recently helped one of her customers to achieve something she never dreamt was possible.

Wendy Barber, Jeanette Hadley and Cheryl Whitnell have supported Kirstin Cope as a core team for a number of years in the community.

Kirstin has a complex disability and requires a high level of support, but takes part in many activities. Kirstin is a member of Riding for the Disabled and is a keen horse rider. She also enjoys swimming and Cheryl recently supported her to improve her health and fitness with this activity.

Last year Cheryl suggested to Kirstin’s parents that it would be an achievable goal for Kirstin to do a sponsored swim to raise money for Riding for the Disabled. With their help Cheryl arranged the event and she and Kirstin swam 30 lengths at Braintree pool.

Kirstin raised a total of £500 and a few weeks later presented a cheque at Rayne riding school for the Riding for the Disabled. They in turn presented Kirstin with a trophy for her effort.

Cheryl is immensely proud of Kirstin for her achievement, she has proved that our ‘We Can’ motto is not just a slogan but a fact!

June Felstead, team manager for the Braintree Visiting Support services, commented:

I really applaud Cheryl for all the hard work and dedication in supporting Kirstin to achieve this memorable goal. It’s a real credit to her that Kirstin has been able to raise a significant amount of money for such a worthwhile cause.

Congratulations to Kirstin and Cheryl for all their hard work.