As an antidote to the February blues the East Sussex Older People’s services staff decided to put on an afternoon party to dance that grey away.

Mitchell House, Seaford, was kind enough to let us use their lounge for the event. Alison Park, the Southern Housing Group resident services officer re-arranged the lounge and staff put up polka dot décor.

Line DancingThough it was drizzling and miserable outside, inside customers enjoyed hot drinks and tables laden with nibbles of the sweet and savory kind with some superb homemade baked delights from our generous customers.

Staff organised a rock and roll DJ/singer, a dancercise taster session, line dancing, adult colouring-in and a knitting corner which all went down very well with the crowd.

Sixty-eight customers attended the event and it was the first time Family Mosaic have hosted a multi-scheme party in the area.

Staff hope that the event will inspire the customers to hold other events or organise more entertainment in their schemes.

Staff were delighted to receive a letter of thanks from one resident: “To thank you for a most enjoyable day out and all you did to make it so.”

Other quotes from the day include:

“In all my years of living here I have never seen this lounge so full!”
“I genuinely had a good time!”
“When can we do this again?”
“Everyone is so friendly!”
“I’ve danced so much every bone in my body aches!”
“I had a lovely time, it was a nice place and atmosphere.”
“The singer was very good and we really liked Sylvia (dancercise teacher) – she was good with the crowd.”