The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer and colleague nominations. These awards are the pinnacle of a year of nominations and are chosen from nominees around the whole country during the last year.

We have been nominated in the You’ve Made a Difference, the Judge’s Choice and the Best Use of The Wow! Awards Programme categories, showing the range of success we have had throughout 2017 in providing excellent services to our customers.

Claire Shelton, an outreach support officer base in our Pitsea office, was chosen for the Wow! You’ve Made a Difference nomination, based on the work she had done with a couple who were struggling with financial abuse, debts, hoarding, dementia and other health issues.

Mr & Mrs Jones* owned their own home but were paying out large amounts of money to companies who had contacted them selling their products.  Mr Jones’ dementia meant that he was not fully aware of the situation he was getting into when he agreed to the services these companies were selling.

This meant that that they were struggling to afford their mortgage payments and were getting into serious arrears.

Claire arranged for the couple to stop the unnecessary payments, helped them to get their house cleared of the hoarded materials and then look into downsizing into a more manageable sized property. They then moved into a smaller home, very close to the previous one, helping Mr Jones to know his way around.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of all the work that Claire has undertaken and Mrs Jones has been overwhelmed with the support and assistance they received from Claire and Family Mosaic.

In the Judges’ Choice Award, the Newhythe Support Team has been nominated for the wonderful work they did in supporting a customer who had recently moved to the area and suddenly fell seriously ill.

The team, supporting young parents in the Colchester area, helped Alice* to get a short term foster placement for her daughter while she was in hospital for over four months.

The team also made sure that Alice’s flat was looked after while she was away:

My flat had got a bit untidy and while I was in hospital the team did all my washing, cleaned my flat, got a cot and bedding for my daughter and a television for me to watch when I came home. When I came home, there was food in my fridge, electric on the meter and new toys for my daughter. I am no longer in agony and have my daughter back living with me. I am really positive about my future and just want to thank the Newhythe team for not only saving my life but supporting me to have a future that I may not have had.

And finally, Family Mosaic has been nominated in the Best Use of The Wow! Awards Programme category. This represents companies that have shown that they have embedded The Wow! Awards into the culture of their company and promote it to their employees.

This is a great result for Family Mosaic and we’re really proud of all the hard work and commitment shown by our staff to support people to lead healthy, happy and independent lives.

The award ceremony will take place in London on 6 November 2017 following presentations to the judges. To see the full list of nominees for all the categories, click here.

*Not their real names.