Extra Care schemes offer care and support for older people or people with learning disabilities, along with additional specialist support.

We have extra care services across London, Essex and the South East.

Generally, extra care services are for people aged 65 and over with specific care needs.

Both kinds of services aim to help people live as independently as possible with the extra support and care they need. They can also help to reduce isolation as there are often social groups or events organised in the communal areas.

These services provide self contained accommodation and often include on-site amenities such as:

  • Accessible accommodation
  • Adapted bathrooms
  • Communal areas
  • Laundry facilities
  • 24 hour emergency pull cords
  • Communal gardens

Schemes often include a restaurant or dining room, health and fitness facilities, hobby rooms and even computer rooms.

Customers can stay in these services for the long term, depending on their needs, with staff helping customers to move on to more suitable accommodation only when necessary

What support do we offer?

These services provide support for older people and people with learning disabilities with specific help such as personal care and domestic tasks.

We can provide various levels of support, depending on your situation, to make sure you are able to carry on living as independently as possible.

This kind of support is right for you if:

  • You would like to continue to live independently but you have care needs that mean you can’t manage completely independently
  • You like the security of knowing that there is support close to hand

These services have on-site support, often 24 hours a day. Along with the specialist support provided, we can also help you with things such as your money, health, getting involved with your local community and improving your health, wealth and wellbeing.

We also maintain good links with specialist services in the area such as Social Services in order to provide extra, or more specialist, support.

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