Supported housing provides a safe place to live, together with specialist support for a range of different people with different needs.

We provide supported housing services across London, Essex and the South East.

Generally, the services we offer are for people aged 16 and over, who live in the area where the scheme is located.

Supported housing is for people who benefit from learning or improving their independent living skills due to a period of homelessness or illness, or because of physical or learning disability.

Our supported housing usually provides specialist support around one of the following areas:

  • Young people
  • Young parents or families
  • Mental health needs
  • Drug and/or alcohol problems
  • Homelessness
  • Learning disability

These schemes often provide housing with support for a particular amount of time (usually up to two years), after which we help customers to find suitable independent accommodation in the local area, though some schemes can offer a home for life.

What support do we offer?

Our schemes provide various levels of support, from low to higher levels of need, depending on your situation.

Whatever the service, we can support you if:

  • You have nowhere to live and would struggle to manage independently in your own accommodation
  • You need some extra support to help you develop or maintain your ability to live as independently as possible in your own home

We provide a regular support service based around your needs for a set period of time. Along with the specialist support provided, we can also help you with things such as your money, health, getting involved with your local community and improving your health, wealth and wellbeing.

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