Some tips to help you get that job

Many candidates have a breadth and depth of skills to bring to Peabody. Some, however, make common mistakes during the interview process which may lessen their chances of success.

Here are some tips which will help you prepare.

Read the role profile
Before the interview, read the role profile and job description and look again at your application. Think about where the job is a good fit for you.

Provide real-life examples of your skills
Peabody uses competencies as a framework for assessing all our candidates. During the interview process, you’ll be asked questions which will allow you to demonstrate these, so it will help if you’ve already thought of some real-life examples of situations where you’ve used your particular skills.

You can provide examples from any walk of life, including work, voluntary work, sports and social activities, family life or education. As a prompt – to help you – you can use the STAR technique:


Describe the situation and what you set out to achieve


Describe the tasks that were required in order to resolve the situation; when, where and with whom


Describe what actions were taken, making clear what your own, not the group’s or team’s, contribution was


Describe what the result was

If you’ve thought of examples of these in advance, this will definitely help you on the day. We will, of course, ask additional questions too.